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From Janet in Florida: This set was given to me by grandmother. She lived in Berea, Ohio. Back in 1940-1950 she would travel to her sisters and pick up a new piece from a store that sold this style. I grew up eating Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners on these pretty flower dishes, known as the Darcy pattern. I am thrilled to now have them in my possession and hope to pass them on to my daughter. Our set includes dishes, salad bowls, cups and saucers to serve 8 people ~ a divided vegetable dish, small oval bowl, large serving platter and two smaller serving platters, gravy boat, creamer and sugar bowl. (Click pic to view another image!)
darcy 2

tsa 2
Sunflowers in a sunny Georgia kitchen ~ Teresa and Rob 'made-over' the kitchen in a 1960's split-level! Blue Ridge pottery in the Sunflower pattern and coordinating fabric covers for the small appliances are striking accents to the light green walls and white cabinets. Click on the pic above to view the Blue Ridge display on the wall to the left of the window above.
album 2
Four gorgeous pieces of Blue Ridge inherited by Cathy from her grandmother!

album 3
From New York State: Judy used a photo of her stunning Blue Ridge Poinsettia on her Christmas card ~ wow!

Kerri in central Florida wrote: I have such wonderful memories of visits to my grandparents'home years ago. We were always welcomed with lots of hugs, kisses, and scents of all sorts of delicious things in the kitchen waiting for us to be served on the Green Biar dishes. In later years, when asked by my mother if we would like to have special things as keepsakes, my first wish was to have Grandmother's set of Blue Ridge! I now have the pleasure of serving my own family using these treasures accompanied by memories of those happy and carefree days.
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