Clouse Pottery is often porcelain and quite beautiful to the eye and touch.

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Often Porcelain

Clouse Pottery employed molds and designs similiar to Southern Potteries.
Clouse Pottery is a separate company but one having deep roots in Southern Potteries blue ridge pottery.
Clouse Pottery connects to Erwin, TN and Southern Potteries blue ridge line . Note the similarity of Erwin, Cash, Southern and related potteries. The molds and the personnel often were common to the various potteries.

Store background color is blue.

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Cash Pottery for sale is pictured in column below
13 items for sale.

   reference pic for8128   Clinchfield Artware Purple Violets ROKEL Pitcher - #8128   25.50  

   reference pic for6085   Cash Family Green Rose HAVILAND Pitcher - #6085   35.00  

   reference pic for6345   Clinchfield Artware Blue Clover 6-Inch BUTTERMILK Pitcher - #6345   27.00  

   reference pic for6310   Cash Family Purple Violets 7-Inch BUTTERMILK Pitcher - #6310   45.00  

   reference pic for6350   Cash Family Purple Violets Large BUTTERMILK Pitcher - #6350   55.00  

   reference pic for6570   Cash Family Blue Sponged MINI Bowl and Pitcher - #6570   34.50  

   reference pic for6429   Cash Family Pink Double Open Rose ICE LIP Pitcher - #6429   95.00  

   reference pic for6772   Cash Family Blue Violets 4-Inch BUTTERMILK Pitcher - #6772   15.75  

   reference pic for6885   Clinchfield Artware Blue Clematis SPIRAL Pitcher - #6885   55.00  

   reference pic for6886   Cash Family Poinsettia SACK Pitcher - #6886   28.50  

   reference pic for7970   Cash Family SCULPTURED FRUIT Pitcher - #7970   55.00  

   reference pic for8064   Cash Family Elephant Creamer Cream Pitcher - #8064   45.00  
   reference pic for8079   Cash Family Pink Daisy Large SALLY Pitcher - #8079   65.00  
Previously purchased ERWIN POTTERY items are in the center, pictured for your reference and viewing pleasure!

reference clouse 12 reference clouse 13
reference clouse 14
reference clouse 15 Our research shows that Clouse was a family pottery that operated in Erwin, TN, for ten years or so beginning about 1946 -- also known as Unaka Pottery. It is our understanding that Bonnie Clouse's sister, Lena Watts, who at one time was the head decorator for Southern Potteries, did the designing of the Clouse patterns and much of the painting of the pieces. Clouse designs give great attention to delicacy and fine detail. Note: Clouse pieces that we've examined have been thin and delicate and are most likely porcelain -- they have a translucence that pottery and porcelain items from the other TN potteries (yes, even the Blue Ridge China items) do not have.

reference clouse 16 reference clouse 17
reference clouse 19

Inside the store the Clouse Pottery background is blue.
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Cash Family Pottery, read Clinchfield Artware, was one of many spinoffs from the Blue Ridge dinnerware hand painted line.
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