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The Colors of Southern Potteries Blue Ridge
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  reference for Somerset 8.25-Inch Plate - #6698   Somerset 8.25-Inch Plate - #6698   34.50  

  reference for Apple Jack 9.25-Inch Plate - #7883   Apple Jack 9.25-Inch Plate - #7883   24.50  

  reference for Alexandria 9.25-Inch Plate - #7557   Alexandria 9.25-Inch Plate - #7557   15.75  

  reference for Rosette 9.25-Inch Plate - #6321   Rosette 9.25-Inch Plate - #6321   25.50  

  reference for Delicious 6.25-Inch Plate - #7464   Delicious 6.25-Inch Plate - #7464   8.95  

  reference for Red Barn 5.25   Red Barn 5.25" Bowl - #6408   14.95  

  reference for 7.25-Inch Plate   7.25-Inch Plate   15.95  

  reference for Carnival Creamer Cream Pitcher - #7973   Carnival Creamer Cream Pitcher - #7973   18.50  
  reference for Red Barn 5.25   Red Barn 5.25" Bowl - #6410   14.95