Shippenville, Pennsylvania

Purinton Pottery

1941 ~ 1959
Our research shows that, unlike Blue Ridge, Purinton Pottery was hand-decorated with slip (the same material from which the pottery shapes were made) colored with minerals. Each piece was fired only once ~ following the decorating process.

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Purinton Pottery ~ Rebecca Pitcher - #4223 - A lovely Rebecca shape pitcher hand-painted by Purinton Pottery stands 7.75-inches tall ~ beautifully painted, bright shine to the glaze, free of chips and cracks. This is one of many Purinton items that were not marked. A few lines of clear craze to the glaze, a minute firing flaw just to the right edge of the top green brushtroke, a pinhead size glaze pop hidden within the painting of said brushstroke are to be noticed only upon close and careful scrutiny and mentioned only for the sake of complete accuracy. It is a lovely pitcher! $24.50 Qty:1 Available