Pigeon Forge Pottery MINI DOGWOOD Porcelain PITCHER


Pigeon Forge Pottery MINI DOGWOOD Porcelain PITCHER – #1023 – A demitasse size pitcher in spectacular vintage condition with lovely freehand design applied using slip rather than paint.


Pigeon Forge Pottery MINI DOGWOOD Porcelain PITCHER – #1023

This pitcher displays a freehand application of the mountain inspired motif, pink dogwood.  The lovely design was applied using tinted clay slip rather than paint. Tabletop to highest point on pitcher lip is about 2.5 inches. The overall width  is about 3.5 inches.  Pigeon Forge Pottery items created from porcelain (a finer clay than pottery) are not common.  Consequently, this pitcher is difficult to find.  To view the translucence of this pitcher, hold it up to the light.  Being able to see light through the wall of an item is characteristic of porcelain and china. This pitcher is free of chips, cracks and crazing and looks very close to like-new.  View all images including the mark.  A treasure of superior quality!  (NW-1)

About Pigeon Forge Pottery:

Beginning in 1946, Pigeon Forge Pottery items traveled far and wide as folks returned home from vacations in the Smoky Mountains of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  However, production did not continue long after the death of owner-founder,  Douglas Ferguson,  in early 2000.

Consequently, today Pigeon Forge Pottery is highly prized by collectors and founder, Douglas Ferguson, is well known internationally for his development and application of beautiful glazes.  Hence,  his use of volcanic and drip glazes on many pitchers,  vases, oil lamps and other items make his work very popular with today’s collectors worldwide. 

In addition to Pigeon Forge Pottery MINI DOGWOOD Porcelain PITCHER offered in this listing,  colors and shapes found in the surrounding mountains influenced the potters’ hands as they worked. Examples are the use of pink and white dogwood designs. Founder Ferguson’s signature mountain shape is the black bear.  His other woodland figures include owls, raccoons and chipmunks. Birds, field mice and frogs round out the list.  Quilt block designs decorate square tiles. Likewise,  woodland designs and folk art decorate round tiles and coasters. A lovely, earthy quality characterizes items produced by Pigeon Forge Pottery.



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Dimensions 8 x 8 x 6 in